Shina Tser-shiuan Peng (彭澤萱) is a photographer based in Tokyo and New York City. She graduated New York University Tisch's Department of Photography and Imaging, magna cum laude, with a minor in Psychology. She grew up in Kobe, Japan as a Taiwanese American and currently lives in Brooklyn. Her international upbringing has heavily impacted the themes she explores in her artwork. Through her work she questions society's definition of identity and also attempts to understand her own multicultural background. She focuses on moments of the "in-between", the intersectionality, and the dichotomies that people exist in. She aims to be an East Asian creator who pushes for more Asian representation in global media. She is working as New York Times photo editor and photographer, Jeffrey Henson Scales' assistant and archivist and is also the Creative Director for an upcoming Japanese e-commerce site, Dropp. In her freelancing career, she has had the opportunity to work with New York Times, Elle Japan, i-D Japan, and more. 
New York Times, i-D JapanELLE Japan, ELLE Taiwan, Dropbox, Diners Club, 88 Rising, Teen Vogue,
ViVi Magazine, 
New York Magazine, Nike Japan, Samsung USA, Bumble
Crocs Japan, X-Girl
Selected Publications
Teen Vogue Back to School 2018
Worthless Studios FREE FILM CANAL ZINE

i-D Japan 「豊田利晃とマヒトゥ・ザ・ピーポーが語る、『破壊の日』と芸術の役割」
i-D Japan 「タイポグラフィックの迷宮:グラフィックデザイナーGucciMazeインタビュー」

i-D Japan 「ティーンを熱狂させるラッパーLEXがコロナ禍で向き合った人生と『今』
X Girl Japan Nike Dunk High SP "Varsity Maize" 
Elle Japon March Issue 
ViVi Magazine June Issue "Girls in Marc Jacobs" "HEAVEN"
i-D Japan x NIKE 「私が女性限定コミュニティを守る理由:三浦勇希とYUINAが語る、スポーツとジェンダーのはなし」
New York Times
Chai, a Band With an Ethos, an Aesthetic and a Sound All Its Own 
New York Times, The New York Time Style Magazine An Artisan Well Versed in the Tradition of Japanese Brush Making
ViVi Magazine August Issue アリアナさくらもでるずZINE

New York Times Hiroshi Sugimoto’s Jekyll and Hyde Year
New York Times "The Year in Pictures 2021" 
Financial Times "New York Label Vaquera Is Making 'Fashion Fan-Fiction'
New York Times "Actress Morena Baccarin Cooks a Brazilian Stew"
ELLE Taiwan July 2022 
"The Power of the East" 
New York Times, "For a Woman In a Wheelchair, Abortion Access Was One More Challenge" 

asarokuji Duality, Dichotomy & Desolation 
Elle Girl Japan 「注目の若手クリエイターガール7人に急接近」
Group Exhibitions
2018 cit.i.zen.ship: reflection on human rights, NYU Tisch, 721 Broadway, New York
2018 Free Film, Worthless Studios, 318 Canal Street, New York
2020 NYU Tisch Photo & Imaging Senior Show 1, NYU Kimmel Windows

Solo Exhibitions
2022 Tanthem Presents: Shina Peng, New York 

2017 International Baccalaureate Award
2018 NYU Tisch Dean’s List
2018 Nikon Storytellers Scholarship Semifinalist
2019 NYU Tisch Dean's List
2019 Nikon Storytellers Scholarship Semifinalist
2019 Accepted to Samsung #TeamGalaxy Program
2020 Graduated Magnum Cum Laude NYU Tisch Photography and Imaging
2020 Recipient of Thomas Drysdale Production Fund Award for 「ハーフ」

2021 Founder's Award
2021 Getty Images #ShowUs Grant Judge
2021 New York Times "The Year in Pictures"